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Ormond Beach Local

Andy Romano Beachfront Park

One of Ormond Beach’s most frequented sites is the Andy Romano Beachfront Park. Indeed, there’s a good reason for its popularity among residents and visitors of this city. For one, the place is situated strategically close to the many splendid beaches the entire state of Florida is known for. This affords people to conduct various beachside activities without having to do them on the actual beach.    This is made possible by its many amenities, ranging from outdoor grills and a picnic area to a playground and its numerous pavilions. During particularly hot days, you can expect swimsuit-clad people of all ages idling among its splash pad, with children usually frolicking and playing with the regular jets of water they spout. With that said, you can certainly expect the place to be packed with families during peak days.    Here and there or in set patterns, you’ll surely be able to spot the unique palm trees Florida is known for. They do well to complement the architecture of the place (the beachfront’s entrance in particular), which has a sand color that mirrors the beach’s sand, which is extremely fine. During the right times of the day, you’ll be afforded with a spectacular view of it as the sun rains down rays of bright yellow brilliance from above.     

As for the actual beach, you’ll surely be able to see a lot of people relaxing on it during a good day. Information signs are set in certain points of the beach that teach you about the local wildlife and sea creatures in the area. And there is a lifeguard always on the lookout for everyone’s safety. During certain times, a local band or singer will actually put up a live performance, only serving as the icing on the cake, as far as the ultimate beach-going is concerned.   The place does provide visitors with the complete beach experience, to be sure. Whether it’s grilling your own food or relaxing in the picnic area and pavilions, this beachfront park has become nothing short of integral to ensuring vacationing in Ormond Beach will always satisfy everyone’s taste.   Since it’s fairly new, people praise a lot of its modern amenities as well. The bathrooms are well-maintained and have equally stylish interiors that you don’t always see in a place as packed as this. Hungry for snacks? A lot of reviewers also like that the place has its own concession stands where delicious food is readily dispensed.   

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